Assessment of the Technical Inspection of the Construction works new access to San Antonio Port

Done by the Inspection Area of Granting Works

General Precedents of the Consulting
Name of the Contract Consulting of the Technical Inspection to the construction works new access to San Antonio Port
Region V Region, San Antonio Province
Fiscal Inspector C. Mr. Ezequiel Sandoval G.
Consultancy Axioma Ingenieros Consultores S.A.
Resident, Eng. C. Mr. Marco A.Cid G.
Hired Works RES OP N°250 (10/28/2004)
Beginning of the Contract November 18th , 2004
Time Limit 38 Months

General description of the Projects

The project “New Access to San Antonio Port” is part of the actual Route 78 Granting (its extension is from the Aguas Buenas Connection to the door of the South Access of the Port sector) and it essentially consists of the expansion of the old port access, (working since 1986), the single roadway is expanded into a double one.

The works related to this new road arise from the necessity of cleaning the urban tract between Ramon Barros Luco Av. And the Port entrance, as well as the secondary access zones. It also considers the construction of a hidden tract with the construction of a tunnel of 230 m. and two access ramps.

This new project is placed by the East side of the old layout, starting at 0,700 Km. (at the South side of the Aguas Buenas Connection) to 8,100 Km. (Access part to the Port sector). Two connection works are also included: “Luis Reuss Connection” is located at 4,500 Km. and considers a bridge structure or inferior crossing; and the “Independencia Connection” that considers three bridge structures (“La Playa over the principal axis; “Llo – Lleo” over El Sauce Estuary, and “Superior Railroad Crossing” over the railroad track that is located at 6,500 Km.

The structures mentioned above are part of the road axis named Axis 2, that will allow Chile Av. to be connected to Curico Street sector, enabling the direct access to vehicles that come from Route 66, contributing to clean Llolleo and Barrancas urban zones.

Activities of the Consultancy

The Consultancy has to support the Technical Inspection of the Construction works from the Granting Contract Santiago – San Antonio Highway, which supports the Fiscal Inspector of the Contract in the inspection of the works that are being done and the ones that will be hired.

Some Activities referred to the report elaboration

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• Executive Report
• Traffic Managements Reports
• Revision Reports
• Specialty Reports
• Ending of Works Final Reports



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