Improvement Attorney Inspection Consulting Costanera Av. Stage I Antofagasta Region II

Produced by the area Inspection Works in Progress

General Antecedents
Contractor Constructora Internacional S.A.
Price of the contract $2.499.883.252
Date of beginning March 07th, 2003
Date of ending August 07th, 2004

The improvement project Costanera Av. in Antofagasta was developed seeking to reconcile their road designs with the coastline projects, highlighting the Park and the North Coast Sectional La Chimba.

The work included individual projects of Pavement; Road Safety; replacement of the traffic; Lights Road; lights on the "Tamarugo" and "Manquehue" squares; Landscaping, Water in the Los Cipreses Sector; sewage; Sewerage; Sanitation; coastal defense; Structures; Wall Coastal Edge; Weighing Station Monitoring and Control System of the traffic area.


Some of the work carried out by the Consultancy

The people in charge of all the technical and administrative aspects of the contract were methodically and assertively supported, actively participating in solutions to the problems presented in the project.

Tasks associated with analysis of the execution of work were performed, checking development of the program of work and producing a constant Quality Control, which assured that the various articles of construction were implemented in full accordance with the technical specifications, drawings and other documents of the project.



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